As you know, I am a music enthusiast. As we have recently entered into the New Year, I would like to take the opportunity to briefly inform you on what to expect from the music industry in 2016. Consider yourself to be the first in the know because I have taken the liberty of digging in deep on new artist on the rise, artist who are taking breaks, and the most anticipated albums to drop throughout this year.

Okay, I would like to start with the bad news that is not so easy to talk about. So many amazing artist are taking breaks this year!! Some you may have already known about. For instance, Ed Sheeran announced in 2015 that he was going to take a year off from touring to see the world. He felt as though he was seeing the world through his phone and not through his own eyes. I believe Ed Sheeran deserves this break because he has the most demanding schedule that I have ever seen. He once stated in an interview, that he took the most successful persons touring schedule that he has ever seen and he doubled it! For the past 5 years he has played a show every other night and traveled each days while doing promotions, interviews and other appearances all in between. That is intense! Like I said, this break is well deserved but I have to admit publicly what we are all thinking, “NO ED, DON’T LEAVE WE WILL MISS YOU TOO MUCH!!”.

It is about 2 months into his break and I am already feeling as if a piece of my heart has been ripped out. I looked forward to having Ed back next autumn with the release of his third album, which he says that it is the best he has made thus far. Secondly, another artist that was a surprise and also sad to say goodbye to is Taylor Swift! She did not report how long she will take a leave of absence but she felt as though that she needed a break before people got sick of her. I think that being sick of Taylor Swift is actually impossible but you go girl, do whatever you think you need to do.

Lastly, One Direction is taking a break for an undetermined amount of time as well. Some believe it is a natural split but to look at the evidence, Zayne quit the band some months ago and now Lois is a father. It seems that 1D has had a good run but now they are naturally drifting apart which is absolutely understandable. They all report that they will use their time apart to develop solo careers. Liam has wasted no time in this matter. He was already reported being in the studio and sharing some snip bits of music. In one video he is rapping. That’s a new sound for a 1D member but that is exciting. Although these three artist taking a break is a huge disappointment, I think a lot of good will come of it because they will give themselves the chance to revive their mind, thoughts, and creativity as they get to relax. So, rest up guys, just not too long!

There is only one artist I feel compelled to tell everyone about who is on the rise this year and his name is Lukas Graham. Lukas Graham is from Denmark and has been playing music for quite some time but his music is just beginning to be played in America. He is truly a breath of fresh air in the music industry for his candid honesty and down to earth personality. He is soulful and raw talent. I genuinely cannot get enough of him and his band! He inspires me every time I listen to one of his songs because he talks about everyday things with an uplifting sound and attitude. He is an artist that assures me that music is not dead! Sometimes I get tired of listening to the radio or Pandora because it seems that everyone is talking about drinking and clubs. Lukas Graham even admitted that he did not want to talk about bitches and clubs. All that I have to say is, THANK YOU! Like I said, he is simply a breath of fresh air and his music amazing. He is not just a cool guy with cool friends, he and his band are talented! Please give him a listen and help support him because I want him to tour in the USA so I can go see him live!:)

Most anticipated Albums to drop are Ariana Grande, “Moonlight”, Drake, “Views From The 6”, Frank Ocean, album to be announced, Kanye West, “SWISH . There are plenty more but these are the major ones that you need to know. I placed a link a the bottom if you would like to see more.


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