Brit Awards

February 25, 2015 held the Brit awards in London. The two big winners of the night were Ed Sheeran, and Sam Smith. This was an obvious prediction because they are the highest watched and requested artist around the world as of 2015. They were both introduced by Kanye West. Kayne West was well behaved this night and did not back lash at anyone’s hard earned success at the awards that were given. Ed Sheeran won the award of best solo males artist of the year and won the last award of the night for best album. Sam Smith also won two awards. Sam Smith was awarded with the British breakthrough act and global success for international sales award. There were plenty of other artist from the US that accepted awards such as Taylor Swift. She was awarded the female solo international artist award. Another US artist, Pharrell Williams accepted the award for international male artist. The night came to an end but many of the award winners stayed out on in night clubs to celebrate. For instence, there were pictures taken of Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith leaving one club to go to another. The pictures show Ed in a car with his head in between his legs after security had to hold him up on the way to the vehicle. Sam SMith also appeared very jolly and heavy eyed as Ed and himself talked in the car. They were reported leaving their last night club at 6 a.m. Both Sam and Ed worked hard and have awards to prove it and they also partied hard which was well deserved.


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