‘Jumpersfor Goalposts’ Ed Sheeran Wembley Review

From dive bars to stadium heights, flamed haired singer song writer, Ed Sheeran, is the first solo act to perform a full set at Wembley stadium in London. His three night sold out show was filmed and recorded into a concert documentary called, ‘Jumpers for Goalpost’.

A rather shy side of Ed Sheeran begins the film emphasizing his astonishment of his accomplishments. Side interviews are shot with his crew members who are just as amazed as they recall the beginning of Ed’s career just a few short years ago where he would sing to a small intimate room of 100 people. After campaigning for two short years, he plays for a not so intimate crowed of 204,000 people at Wembley.

As if Sheeran’s songs are not personal enough, he reads pages from his diary, giving glimpse into his everyday life leading up to Wembley. He name drops a few artists you may or may not know, like, Beyonce and Jay-Z. He also reads a text message sent by McJagger, and gets a pep talk from Sir Elton John. No big deal.

Although this is the panicle of his career so far, Sheeran has a rather relaxed and humble approach to everything. Sir Elton John compliments him on his talent and his willingness to learn from others. This attribute, John, admits that he admires the most and suggests that he should have been more like Sheeran when he was a young lad playing stadiums for the first time. If he would have been less stubborn, he would have played songs that his fans knew rather than pissing them all off by playing songs off of his new album.

When the raw talent hits the stage the crowed goes absolutely insane with excitement. I could feel a small percent of the adrenalin through the screen and it was enough energy to light up the New York City sky line. I can only imagine how Sheeran felt hearing 204,000 fans screaming his songs back to him.

The fans were overwhelmed with emotion. Some were crying, others dancing like they’ve never danced before, and some were simply living in the moment with pure joy taking in every poetic lyric that sings straight to our hearts and souls.

Camera angles switched from the fans perspective to Sheeran’s perspective. This gave the


Wembley X Edition.Source: optimaitialia.com

feeling that I was in Sheeran’s shoes. What an amazing moment he must had experienced at Wembley. Just watching the crowed from his perspective made me feel as though anything was possible, that the sky is the limit and that anyone could be a rock star.


An unexpected guest entered the stage halfway through the concert to sing two duets with Sheeran. It was a legendary rockstar that Sheeran’s 10 year old self would never believe would perform with him. It was the one and only, Sir Elton John. They sang together, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”, by Sir Elton John, and “Affire Love”, by Sheeran.

Sheeran worked towards a close of his show with his most notable songs such as ‘Thinking out Loud’ and ‘The A Team’.

For one of the last love songs sung for the night, ‘Thinking out Loud’, fans in the crowed danced and surprise proposals over took the room. If that does not pull on your heart strings then I do not know what will.

Sheeran closed his show to song, ’Sing’, and that is exactly what the crowed kept doing, singing, as Sheeran left his third and final night at Wembley.


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