Unit 2: Media Literacy

If anyone is reading this now or sometime in the future, If I ever gather a following, which I hope I do, you know music is my main interest but I have to step aside every once in a while and acknowledge that there is more to life than just music. Therefore, today I want to share with you some other things that I think are important. As you may or may not know, depending on if you read my “about me” space on my profile, I am a senior at Bloomsburg University and I am currently taking a relatively new course offered on our campus called “Emergent Media”. This course so far, is teaching on media literacy. What is media literacy you ask, well it is developing the skill of sift through all the information that media throws at us each day and learning how to make the best use of it. As you know, media pushes advertisements on us everywhere we go, especially on the internet. We also see everyone’s opinion online. Companies even have a way of suggesting more things to you that you didn’t even think you needed. This constant push of information can be extremely overwhelming and distracting. If you don’t believe me just ask your parents or grandparents to use the internet for research and I bet they will have a different reaction to the information overload than we do. Sometimes, I reflect on this idea of “media literacy” and I think that it may be a waste of my time. I only think this because I feel like I handle the information thrown at me daily in a very responsible way. I think because I have grown up knowing nothing less than the technology age, that it does not affect me as much as older people believes it does. On the other hand though, I think about the future and I worry about my children, and my children’s children media use. I’m hoping that this class can be the catalysts to get my mind set thinking to the possibilities of conflicts that the future generations may have to face when it comes to media and information. I hoping that this thought into the future and future problems can put me ahead of most to start calculating solutions for what could possibly be a problem with media and information in the future. I promise to keep you posted with thoughts as they come along. Until then!




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