Twitter Cutting Off Vine?!

Team Vine and Titter announced on Thursday, October 27, 2016, that Twitter will be shutting down Vine’s mobile app in the upcoming months.

Since 2013, Vine has been the home of explosive 6 sec. videos that have been watched, shared and created by talented comedians, singers, dancers and much more.

Vine was launched in 2013 by Dom Hofmann, Colin Kroll and Rus Yusupov. In effect; the way the world has been able to make, share and create videos have never been the same.

Wired, shared an interview with the founders to reveal that Vine was made to be quick and easy to view and share short videos between the creator and whomever they choose. With a simple tap on the screen, the app records up to 6 sec. and endlessly loops to provide optimal creative adventurous avenues for the creator and repeated entertainment for viewers. The founders claim that the 6sec. time limit for the videos shared and the endless looping component were the defining features that made Vine such a viral phenomenon.

Hofmann is personally impressed by the musicians on Vine and how they are using this app to connect with fans.

Over the last three years, Vine has provided a platform for many creative talents to display their gifts. As a result, many people distributed original content regularly and gathered together loyal and an enthusatic fan base. The people with the most followers are known as “Vine Stars”. Some of the most well-known Vine Stars belong to the comedy, music and dance genres. Here are a few you may know.


Comedian David Lopez, who otherwise known for in his videos as “JUAN”.

Music Singer Avery Wilson, who is known for his incredible singing abilities.

Dance Choreographer Amymarie Gaertner, who is known for her inspiring dance moves.

According to Medium, Team Vine and Twitter are going to keep the Vine website up online to allow people access past post. They are thankful to all of the creative participants as well as all of the viewers over the last three years. Changes will not be made to the app until further notice. To follow-up on the details and have any questions answered, be sure to follow their Twitter Account.


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