Class Review

When I found out that I HAD to take an online class, it was pretty much my worst college nightmare coming to life because I am easily frustrated when things go wrong as often as they do when I use technology. Despite my fears, this course ran very smoothly. It was easy to understand how to navigate the class lectures and find assignments. I really liked how the class each class was set up the same way because then I knew what to expect. It gave the course an overall rhythm. There were no surprises which was good.

I do not like the part of the class where it is required to tweet each week. I do not like it because it is easy to forget to complete that task. It also does not relate to anything we are doing in class but I do understand that it does relate to the topic of emerging media. It is also not a reminder to tweet each week along without other assignments so that can be tricky.

I also really enjoyed our last topic on sports. I enjoyed it the most because I really had no idea about the topic before this class. I never thought about the money cycle and the salary caps. I also think that the assignments relating to media literacy where helpful. Some of the things are common sense in this class and you do them without thinking but the assignments assigned to that topic made you think more in depth about media literacy. Now that the section on media literacy is over, I sometimes think back to it while I am on a media outlet.

I did really enjoy the online nature of this course. Sometimes it was difficult because you do not receive instant feedback if you have a question or a thought that you would like to share but overall communication was still very open. I also like the online nature because it was more flexible when it came to watching lectures and completing homework. This course had never made me feel rushed when completing the usual work for the week.


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