Is Social Media Making Us Less Social Analysis

Growing up in the information age seems to be such a fascinating topic for people who are older than me, and when I say older, I mean about my parents age. My parent’s generation just doesn’t seem to understand our social media culture. They think we are either on social media too much or it is a great tool. So which is it? Does a social medium make us more social or less social? Many people have their opinions about this. This is what I observed while reading two opinion pieces on this topic.

In one opinion piece, the writer began by providing some back ground information on what social media is and how it is embedded into our culture today. After the explanation, a professor of a university talked about his observations of students over the years using social media which I thought was a great additive to the article because it gave an older persons first hand observation of people and social media.

In the next article I read, it did not provide any background information on social media today. I think that this puts the reader at a disadvantage of understanding the topic fully because they may not be familiar with social media. The second article I read did do something unique in place of providing background information, they started the piece with two short stories about a boy and a girl and their media use. I thought this was interesting and enjoyable to read!

I liked how the first article provided graphs and figures to help drive his opinion. The first article was also very long and kind of boring to read.

In the second article, I really enjoyed how the writer made a listicle of facts and points for his readers. This made his point easy and quick to read. I also enjoyed how the writer gave advice at the end of his article to his readers. This shows that the writer was not over bearing in his opinion, rather, he had his readers well-being as his highest priority. This article was also a lot shorter than the first. This made the article more tolerable to read.

Bother stories did include statics of social media use today, especially with Facebook and Twitter. One article gathered some of their information from a very well-known source, PEW, which is a highly reputable source that I know, is reliable. Neither article had links to other sites which I thought was damaging to the article. I believe that links to other sources is very helpful and convenient t to readers. Lastly, neither article had any quotes. I know that opinion pieces do not need quotes, but for this topic I think quotes could have enhanced their articles. I also think that it would have been easy to get a quote from anyone on this topic since it is so popular in today’s society.


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