Protecting your Privacy

In the past 6 months, I have purchased an iPhone 6 and a MacBook Air. I officially ‘fit in’ with today’s standards of technology ownership and usage products. Before I could use any of these cool new technology savvy products, I had to enter in my personal information. After filling out the personal information for my account, I felt as if my phone knew more about me than most of my close friends do!

Living in the technology age, everyone is interconnected through the internet. I have the ability to say hello to my aunt who lives in Germany with just a click of a button and free wifi from my favorite café from just around the corner. Myself, and the rest of this world today live in that luxury of being connected by the internet.

The internet is so user friendly and accessible that most people use it to shop, communicate, pay bills and share ideas. This is extremely convenient for most but privacy can be an issue.

Most may not realize that their habits are being monitored while on the computer. This is so ads and suggestions can be presented to a shopper based of their previous purchase. The motive for the ads is so someone else can make a financial gain. To stop this from happening, you may turn off your cookies on your monitor to stop your habits from being tracked.

To protect your privacy from hackers and viruses, you should not open any spam emails, and download software from a reputable source to alert you of suspicious involvements with your computer.

It is also advised to research yourself and see what information you can find. If there is anything inaccurate or to personal then change it.

Lastly, study privacy rules and always be skeptical before you agree to any terms or conditions because that is an agreement that is informing you of your rights to privacy that you are giving away in exchange for that service.


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