Taylor Swift’s: 1989 Justin Bieber’s: Purpose Album Review Analysis


When it comes to album reviews, I went to my favorite and most trustworthy source for all of the information I could possibly need, RollingStone.com. I took a look at two artists who are currently dominating pop culture around the world. If you could not already guess who these artists are, they are Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. Both of these artists have recently released an album within the last year: Taylor Swift’s: 1989 Justin Bieber’s Purpose.

In each of the reviews I noticed many similarities. In both reviews, subtle humor and insults were used to make a point. I personally got a laugh out this and it made me want to keep reading intensely. Both album reviews also used comparisons to make clear arguments about the album. For example, Taylor Swift’s most recent album was compared to her albums in the past. Justin Bieber’s album was compared to another band, 1Direction. Each review also showed that the writer had a basic understanding of music in the way of writing styles, sounds, producing and instruments. The writers also showed their knowledge of different genres and eras of music. In each review, the writer named songs specifically from the album and also mentioned co-writers and co-producers on the albums. Lastly, the writers identified trends in the music and captured the main idea of the album

In contrast, the two reviews had many differences when it came to reviewing albums. Taylor Swift’s review had quotes of her song lyrics in her review which showed the writer really paid close attention to the album and most likely listened to it more than once. I found that Justin Biebers review was strange in my opinion because it had more information about 1Direction than it did on Justin. The reason the writer used for compare these two was based off their similar fan base demographics.

The only media tools that these writers used to help tell the story were pictures. This was effective because it showed the readers what the artists look like. There could be additional media to help tell the story better. I think some effect media would be videos of promotional performances and interviews for their album.

Overall, I had equal likes and dislikes on these two reviews. I liked how Taylor Swfit’s, 1989, review talked about her previous albums to give a brief explanation of her evolution in her music career over the years up until her most recent album. I think that helps explain who Taylor is to people who might be hearing about her for the first time. I also enjoyed when the writers used subtle insults and humor to make a point. I thought this was extremely affected because I found myself reading more carefully and intently to the writer’s article. I even began looking for more hidden sarcasm as I read because I found it amusing. I did not like Justin’s review when it mentioned other artists more than the artist of the album that was being reviewed. For instance, 1Direction was talked about than Justin Bieber. I thought this was very confusing and irrelevant.


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