Unit #3:Social Media and its influence on your life

Where would I be without media? Have you ever asked yourself this? What a different world it would be. Where would you get your information from? How would you communicate with one another? What would you spend your time doing? My emigrant media class arises all these questions in me as we as we awaken the truth on just how much this generation uses media every day.

  • In a recent class exercise, everyone recorded their media use for a 24hr time period. Interested to see my results?
watching TV or streaming TV __0___ minutes
listening to music __960___ minutes
reading newspapers ___0__ minutes
reading books __180___ minutes
reading magazines ___0__ minutes
surfing the internet __630___ minutes
watching movies online (i.e.Netflix) __25___ minutes
playing video games ___0__ minutes
playing games on cell phone __0___ minutes
checking social media updates __0___ minutes
texting __60___ minutes
taking pictures (i.e. Instagram) __0___ minutes
talking on the phone __30___ minutes
__1855___ Total

In a 24hr period, I had consumed over 30hrs of media. Wow.


After taking a look further into my results I noticed that most of my use in media was consumed while multi-tasking. That explains why I have more hours of media use than hours provided in a day.

I recalled that throughout my day, I had music playing throughout the house while I completed daily chores such as cleaning, cooking, getting ready for the day and doing laundry.

When you multi-task, your media consumption can be somewhat automatic. Therefore, you are filtering through information you see all the time without hardly noticing because so you can perform them at low attention. These things that become automatic to you, you will realize are your routine. So for instance, I can multi-task two things at once such as listening to music while doing laundry. Because I am multi-tasking, I am not fully concentration on any one of these two things intently. Therefore I do them with low attention BUT I can still do laundry and listen to music at the same time because it has become routine, I do it automatically. I hardly notice I am using media and doing chores all at once.


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