Big Sean came to Bloomsburg!

Big Sean came to perform at Bloomsburg University Thursday, April, 16th. The tickets were sold for $25 but his performance was worth much much more! Most artist who perform at Bloomsburg Universtiy tend to have short sets lasting no more than an hour and a half. Big Sean went above and beyond. He was on stage for over two hours, had a special guest, he even got in the crowed and touched his fans! Wow! That is truely suprising and almost unheard of. Big Sean was discovered by Kanye West after Big Sean ran into him at a studio. He begged to rap to Kanye West and Kayne said that he had 16 bars that he could spit while he walked to his car. Long story short, Big Sean did just that and the rest is history. He made some of the biggest songs of this year including, “I Don’t F*ck With You”. When people heard that Big Sean was bringing a special guest, everyone thought that it would be his current girldfriend Ariana Grande who is also a musician. She is very well known and also one of the biggest pop artist of 2014-2015. She started her career on a Disney show and played a character named Kat. She has grown up quite a bit since then and has since collaborated on songs with people such as Niki Manaji, Iggy and Jessie J. Unfortunately, Ariana was not his special guest but I am sure she is busy enough with her our tour!×1024.jpg


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