Zayn leaves 1D!

Ask anyone on the face of this earth and they will tell you that they know that Zayn has left 1D. Girls hearts are broken all over the world. Zayn was not only nice to look at but he was talented! He the some of the hardest harmonizing notes that the band had. The band has decided to continue touring without Zayn. The band members report having no harsh feelings about Zayn leaving and in return Zayn has wished the band good luck on their future musical careers. Zayn had reported left due to stress. The stress of fame had claimed to literally made him sick. The stress got out of control when pictures were released of him and a woman being together after a show. His fiance and long time girlfriend had seen this on twitter and threatened to break up with Zayn. This was the breaking point for Zayn. He went on instagram exclaiming his love for his fiance so everyone knew where he stood. A few days later he announced he was leaving 1D. People who knew him best says that he was never really ready or planned for the fame so this lifestyle was something he was never preapred for. Therefore, he does not need to hold on becuase he did not want it to begin with. He claims that he loves english and appreciates the written word so he would like to stay in the music buisness but maybe as a song writter. The fans of 1D are crushed but they still support him and wish him well.


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