Two up and coming artist that you must know!

There are two up and coming artist that everyone should give a listen to! You may have already heard “Nobody Love” by Tori Kelly becuase it has been number one for over two weeks in a row in March of 2015. She has an angelic voice that can hit about every note imaginable. She writes her own songs and plays guitar and drums. She is strictly a solo act but is as a amusing and enjoyable to watch as if she had an entire band to back her up. The next artist you must know for 2015 is LunchMoney Lewis. This artist is funky and fun. He got his name while he was getting his hair cut while he made a joke that if he was a short fat kid he would name himself lunch money, and the name from there on out has stuck. He has one of the catchest songs out now called “Bills” and he explains the obligations of life and how he has to work to keep it going and who can’t relate to that! I see big things coming from Tori Kelly and she will be here to stay becuase she has made meny records before every  making a number one. I believe this is the beginning og her success. I hope LunchMoney Lewis keeps breaking out with relatable and catchy music beuause I will be a loyal fan.


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