Tyler the Creater

Tyler the Creator has been a musican for quite some time gaining fame and regonition for eating a coch roach in one of his music videos. He works cloesly along side with other artist such as Frank Ocean who has written famously, “I miss you” for Beyonce. Tyler the Creator is now in more social media sites such as vine and more people are starting to notice him as a public figure. This is amusing because Tyler the Creator is known for mocking and hasseling the media. For instence, when he released gis last album, during his promotional talks with radio shows and other media outlets , he would purposely say that he didnt try at all, that is was his worst work ever and he never does a serious rap on the radio as a freestyle. He is a very unique character and is now gaining much more fame. I wonder how this will effect the professionalism that the public figures now hold. He is very charming, amusing and hard not to like so I wonder what kind of impact he will make on future generations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGq95Fadve8

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Tyler The Creator Quotes About Love

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