Kanye’s Clothing Line

New York Fashion week of 2015 presented Kanye West’s most recent clothing line. Most of the collection of clothes were presented in a dull neutral and nude color scheme. Most outfits comprised of nearly see through nude body suits with extra covering on places where only underwear and bras cover for women. In addition to minimal coverage on private parts, he balanced the overall look with a high knee socks and a short boot. Many fashion icons and “Big Wings” of fashion are calling Kanye West a joke. The public seems to think that Kanye captured and matrix look alike appearance through his clothing line because everyone looked dull and almost the exact same from one another. I don’t think any of his feed back is particularly flattering. I found the line to be too revealing when I literally clearly saw someone’s breast through his nude shirt. Other than that I had tried to see things through Kanye’s vision on his ideals of fashion and there were some articles of clothing that appeared to be presentable such as the long cozy torn up sweaters with high socks but in contrast to other designs that are flashy and colorful from other designers, Kanye’s line can not even come to compare. I do believe Kanye is very multi talented but he may have tried to hard or not hard even, I cant tell. His line is so different from everyone else’s but was so uncreative that it does not appeal to anyone. I root for Kanye in the future to design clothes with his own genius spin on it and I hope it has more coverage and color options.


Fashion from Kanye West Adidas Fall 2015] collection is modeled during …


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