The Grammy’s were just recently held on this past Sunday, February 8 2015. The biggest winner of the night was Sam Smith with the award winning of best new artist. Sam Smith claims that he, “is just happy that people know who I am”. His acceptance speech was short and sweet as he thanked his ex lover for being the inspiration for all of his songs such as, “Stay with Me”. A more shocking award was also given out to an older artist we knew in the late 80’s named Beck. You may know him from his popular song, “loser” that was released several decades ago. His new album, “Morning Phase” won the best album for 2014-2015. Kanye West had a lot to say about that but at least he waited until after Becks acceptance speech to speak his mind. At first, Kanye pretended as if he was going to repeat what he did to Taylor Swift years ago and bomb Beck’s speech, everyone believed that he was just joking. To find out later after the Grammy speeches were handed out, Kanye was the first to voice his opinion on live television about Beck’s award claiming that, “Beck needs to respect artistry, and he should have given his award to Beyoncé.”  In my opinion, a Grammy show would just not be the same without Kanye but I believe it is bizarre seeing one artist bashing another artist because they should have a mutual understanding of their hard work and personality that goes into a record. It is very much a personal insult. Kanye is the one who needs to learn a little something about respect.


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