Unit2:Beyonce Bouncing to a Different Sound?

As an advent and loyal fan to the beloved talented musician Beyoncé, I express concern to her latest songs such as “7\11” and deluxe version of “Flawless”. I have long admired Beyoncé’s humility and her multi facet talent but recently I have not bare witnessed to the same heights of her past success. I am shocked at her regression of musical talent. I see the same women who once sang, danced, co-wrote and beautifully performed “All the Single Ladies” now conforming to mindless and aggressive tracks that lay on a foundation of repetitive beats and choruses that are self glorifying and monotone. I express more than anything, concern for the beautiful middle aged artist. I know from personal experience, music is an outlet of inner emotions to come out. It is alarming that she has become basic and cocky. Those are characteristics of someone who is feeling insecure. I wonder to myself, what in the world would someone like Beyoncé have to feel insecure about and you may be thinking the same. Could it be that her alleged marital problems be the source of frustration and self doubt? Has bad associations disrupted her good morals? This is only a theory. In turn, I could feel comfort in the thought that Beyoncé may just be trying out a new style of self expression just for fun. There is always a time and place for all kinds of different music and she is now the center of every college dorm and bar night life scene.



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